Application Procedure (Faculty Development)

The ERDT Foreign Scholarship is open to the faculty members of the ERDT member state universities[1] who aspire to pursue doctoral studies in any identified engineering fields in recognized universities abroad.


The scholarship period for the Faculty Development Program (Ph.D. scholarship) shall be for three (3) years. An ERDT scholar shall not enroll in an academic program other than his/her program of study stipulated in the ERDT scholarship contract.

The regular period for a PhD degree program is three years. In cases that the program of study is more than three years, the scholar shall be given a scholarship period of three years, where an automatic extension of the scholarship shall be granted to complete the remaining years (or fraction thereof) of the regular period to finish the degree. The University where the graduate study is conducted must certify this academic period to complete the Ph.D. program.

As much as possible, the scholar must not request for extension beyond the regular scholarship period. However, in some meritorious cases, the scholar may request for extension at least one academic year.


The applicant is a Filipino citizen who is not more than forty five (45) years old. The applicant must not have a doctoral degree in engineering or related fields.  The applicant must be a currently full time faculty member of the Central Luzon State University College of Engineering, Mindanao State University-Iligan Institue of Technology College of Engineering, University of the Philippines Diliman College of Engineering or University of the Philippines Los Baños College of Engineering who has served the College for more than one year. The faculty applicant must be occupying a faculty item (not as a substitute to a faculty member on leave or occupying an item which is charged to savings of the Unit he belongs to). The faculty applicant must secure an admission to the Ph.D. graduate program of a reputable academic institution abroad where he/she intends to enroll in and has a specific program of study both agreed by the prospective professor and the applicant. The applicant must be preferably a tenured faculty or tenurable (i.e., considered for tenure by the department where the faculty belongs to)[2].


The faculty candidate shall submit in writing to the ERDT Program Leader an application letter endorsed by the head of the Department/Institute he/she belongs to. The applicant shall submit together with the application letter the following documents:

  1. Accomplished application form  (ERDT-FD Form);
  2. Letter of acceptance/admission to the graduate program of a university abroad;[3]
  3. Letter from the advisor that he/she is willing to advise the applicant as an ERDT Ph.D. scholar;[4] 
  4. Tentative research plan/GANTT chart;
  5. Line Item Budget describing items to support his/her study such as, but not limited to the pre-travel allowance, relocation allowance, living allowance, tuition and other school fees, book allowance, medical insurance and travel insurance;
  6. Brief Curriculum Vitae; and Certification of Approval of Permanent Appointment as Faculty.

The applicant shall be interviewed and evaluated based on the merit by the Fellowship and Scholarship Screening Committee, FSSC, (or equivalent body) and recommends approval (or disapproval) to the Program Leader. If the application is recommended for approval by the FSSC, the Program Leader shall endorse the application to the DOST SEI for the final approval of the DOST Secretary.[1]

If approved, the faculty scholar (faculty member awarded with the ERDT Faculty Development Grant) shall sign the scholarship agreement with ERDT and other documents including a supplemental agreement with his/her Co-maker. The scholar shall also enter a different contract with the University concerning the official study leave to be filed by the scholar.


Deferment of scholarship may be allowed on meritorious cases for a maximum period of one (1) semester only.  The scholar must sign the Deferment Form (see appendix). Once the scholar has accepted the scholarship, he/she must sign Scholarship Contract and other documents including a supplemental agreement with his/her Co-maker. If after the period the scholar fails to enroll, then the scholarship award shall be forfeited





[1] The faculty must be a member of the College of Engineering implementing the ERDT program of a state university (CLSU, MSU-IIT, UPD and UPLB College of Engineering)

[2] The department must issue a certification that the faculty is considered for tenure in case that the faculty is not yet tenured

[3] The department chair/institute director/program coordinator that the engineering field must be one of the thrust of the department/institute/program

Once the admission is received by the faculty, it is advised to file immediately the application for Faculty Development Program as it takes two months to process the application. Refer to the process flowchart for the Faculty Development Program. 

[4] This is separate from the acceptanc letter of admission to the graduate program. Email correspondence would suffice but preferably a formal letter is needed. This is not an absolute requirement, in case that the admission letter has specified the details of the adviser.

[5 The application will undergo further review by DOST-PCIEERD before endorsement to the Secretary of the Department of Science and Technology 


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