The ERDT Faculty Research Dissemination Grant (FRDG) is established to enable faculty members of the UP College of Engineering to present their research works in international conferences or publish in international journals. International exposure is an important component in R&D where a researcher may get important feedbacks and fresh ideas from experts and peers. This may lead to better research works and probable research collaboration.


Entitlements shall be for a maximum of PhP 120,000.00 for Asia and PhP 150,000.00 elsewhere. A faculty can be awarded an equivalent number of FRDG in which the total budget does not exceed PhP 150,000.00. Only items directly related to the dissemination of the research work will be funded which include:

  1. A.     Conference
    1. Registration fee and other fees related to the conference (e.g., abstract fee)
    2. Subsistence allowance (based on UNDP rates) within the duration of the conference

(as per executive order 298 Entitlement to DS shall start only upon arrival at the country of destination and shall cease upon departure therefrom at the following percentage:)



To Cover

Arrival not later than 12:00 noon


Hotel/lodging (50%);meals (30%) and incidental expenses (20%)

Arrival after 12:00 noon


Hotel/lodging (50%);dinner (10%) and incidental expenses (20%)

Departure before 12:00 noon

30 %

Breakfast (10%) and incidental expenses (20%)

Departure at 12:00 noon and later


Breakfast (10%), lunch (10%) and incidental expenses (20%)

  1. Roundtrip economy ticket
  2. Travel insurance
  3. Pre-travel expenses (taxi fares from and to airport, terminal fee ticket, and visa application fee)
  1. B.     Journal Publication
    1. Publication fees
    2. Postage and communication expenses

Expense items not included under A or B but are part of expenses and related to participating in a conference or publication in a journal may be included in the line item budget (LIB), subject to the availability of funds and recommendation by the Fellowship and Scholarship Screening Committee.

The number of slots allotted per department for the year is prorated based on the current number of eligible graduate faculty members of the department in the Academic Year.


To be eligible for the ERDT-FRDG, the applicant must be a faculty member of the UP Diliman College of Engineering for at least one year.

In addition, the applicant must be a thesis/dissertation adviser of an ERDT scholar, or be a project leader or a project staff of an existing ERDT or DOST- funded R&D project. [1]

If an existing ERDT project has in its LIB an item for RDG, the faculty may apply for a supplemental funding from FRDG the amount not more than 20% of the maximum allowed for the grant.

Further, the applicant must be a presenting author in case of a conference or an author in case of a journal publication.

Below are research dissemination modes (arranged in decreasing priority) for FRDG funding:

1. Publication in ISI Journals or peer reviewed International Journals,

2. Paper presentation in peer reviewed international conferences, and

3. Poster presentation in peer reviewed international conferences.

Only one eligible faculty shall be awarded FRDG for one paper (or poster) for the conference, or one journal publication. In case of a conference, only the presenting author shall be given FRDG.


The eligible applicant shall submit in writing the request for research dissemination funding. The letter must indicate the type of dissemination (conference or journal publication), details of the conference or journal, the significance of the dissemination to your research work, academic career and its contribution to the ERDT program.

Together with the letter, the following documents shall be submitted in the application of the ERDT-FRDG:

  1. Cover Letter - this letter is a statement of your request for dissemination funding and indicates the type of dissemination you will be conducting and with the endorsement of the department chairman. It shall also indicate the significance of the dissemination to your research work, academic career and what it contributes to the UPCOE and ERDT program.
  2. ERDT-FRDG Application Form
  3. Line Item Budget (LIB) - the LIB must contain a detailed expense requirement of the applicant. This must include items in I1.A or 11.B.
  4. Letter of Invitation/Acceptance letter from Conference/Journal Committee
  5. Certification as Adviser of ERDT Scholar (from Graduate office) or Appointment as ERDT Project Leader or Project Staff
  6. Travel Authority

Applications for ERDT-FRDG shall be submitted to the ERDT Office, UP Diliman College of Engineering. Applications with incomplete required documents shall not be processed and shall be returned to the faculty applicant. All applications for ERDT-FRDG shall be for the assessment and approval of the Faculty Screening and Selection Committee (FSSC). The successful applicants shall be informed in writing by the ERDT Program Leader.


All funds released for the ERDT-FRDG (except the subsistence allowance) shall be properly liquidated by the faculty grantee not later than 2 weeks after the paper presentation in a conference or receipt of payment from a journal. The grantee shall submit to the ERDT Office the following:

  1. Cover page with the name of grantee, name of the conference in which the grantee has attended, title of paper/poster presented and table of FRDG Budget vs Actual Expense
  2. Official Receipts of the following:    
    1. Transportation
    2. Boarding Passes (Pasted on A4)
    3. Plane E-Ticket
    4. Official Receipt of Conference Registration
    5. Certificate of Participation
    6. Copy of Presentation

In case that there is an excess budget the grantee should deposit the unused amount to ERDT Trust Account No. 9353700-499-439 to UPD Cashier’s Office. A copy of the official receipt should be given to ERDT office.


In case that the grantee was not able to attend and participate in the conference, the grantee shall return all funds disbursed for the faculty research dissemination grant.


[1] Eligibility shall be extended to a faculty applicant whose ERDT advisee has graduated or whose project with the ERDT is completed provided the elapsed time after graduation of the advisee or completion of the project is not more than six months.





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