APPLICATION PROCEDURE (Faculty Research Grant)

The Faculty Research Grant is created to help the faculty members who are currently enrolled in ERDT supported graduate or accelerated programs in an ERDT Consortium University to complete all their requirements leading to a successful thesis/dissertation defense. The grantee shall be considered as an ERDT scholar with lateral entry.

It is open to all faculty members of ERDT Consortium Universities.


The ERDT Faculty Research Grant is for a period of one (1) year for Master’s and two (2) years for Doctorate.



The applicant must satisfy all of the following conditions:


  • be a full time faculty member of one of the departments/institutes of College of Engineering of ERDT Consortium Universities;
  • be enrolled in an ERDT supported engineering graduate or accelerated program in an ERDT Consortium University;
  • have a thesis/dissertation proposal that has been approved by the adviser or panel and preferably have started the conduct of research; and
  • have already completed all of his/her academic courses (except thesis/dissertation and seminars) prescribed in the program of study.


The applicant must submit the following:


  1. Application letter addressed to the ERDT Project Leader;
  2. Duly accomplished ERDT-FD-FRG Application Form;
  3. Approved thesis/dissertation proposal duly certified by his/her primary adviser and the chairman of his/her department. In case of MS program where defense of the thesis proposal may not be required, a thesis proposal duly approved and endorsed by the faculty adviser must still be submitted;
  4. Work Plan and time table; and
  5. Proposed Line Item Budget (LIB) required for funding for 12 months (Master’s) or 24 months (Doctorate) and showing the cost of equipment, experiment expenses and other expenses related to the proposed research.


The application shall be evaluated based on merit by the Fellowship Screening and Selection Committee (or equivalent body). The latter recommends the approval or disapproval of the application to the Project Leader. If the application is approved, the Project Leader shall endorse the application to the Program Leader. The Program Leader shall endorse to DOST-SEI the list of the awarded faculty members for final approval. The faculty applicant and his/her adviser shall be notified in writing of the approval/disapproval of his/her application.


For details, please see the implementing guidelines on the Faculty Research Grant for Thesis/Dissertation.