RESPONSIBILITIES (Faculty Research Grant)


The following are the duties and responsibilities of an ERDT Faculty Research Grantee:

  • The grantee must sign a conforme;
  • The grantee must comply with all scholarship policies contained in the conforme, in this scholarship handbook, and in policies issued or to be issued by DOST and SEI;
  • The grantee must render service obligation to the department/institute where he/she is affiliated with for a period of one (1) year for master’s and two (2) years for doctorate;
  • The grantee must submit a certification duly noted by the department/institute head that he/she has already rendered the required service obligation;
  • The grantee must submit a soft copy of thesis/dissertation manuscript upon completion of degree; and
  • The grantee must acknowledge DOST SEI and ERDT Program in manuscript.


In case that the grantee could not complete the research within the prescribed time, he/she can still request for an extension for a period of six (6) months.

Accountability for Purchased Equipment

Upon completion of degree, the grantee must return all equipment purchased under the ERDT Faculty Research Grant to his/her research adviser. In case of loss of equipment prior to turn-over, the scholar must replace the item.

The research adviser will be accountable for all the equipment purchased under the research grant of his/her scholar/s.

Service in the Philippines

The grantee must render return service immediately upon completion of his/her master’s or doctorate degree to the department/institute of his/her ERDT Consortium University for a minimum period equivalent to (1) year for master’s and two (2) years for doctorate.

Upon completion of the return service, the grantee must submit to the ERDT office a certification duly noted by his/her department/institute head that he/she has already served the department/institute of the required number of years of service obligation. This will be endorsed to DOST-SEI for issuance of the final clearance.

Termination and Repayment

The ERDT reserves the right to terminate the grant of the faculty based on any of the following causes:

  • Willful abandonment of the grant,
  • Failure or unwillingness to render service obligation,
  • Non-completion of the thesis/dissertation and degree within the specified duration of scholarship including approved extension periods,
  • Gross misconduct, or
  • Disqualification due to violation of retention rules for faculty members in the ERDT Consortium University.

Termination of the grant is subject to refund of the total financial assistance received plus 12% interest.




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