ENTITLEMENTS (Foreign PhD Scholarship)

The scholar is entitled to a maximum of P7,980,000.00 (or a maximum of P2,660,000.00 per year) for a three-year approved scholarship duration.

In cases that the program of study is longer than three (3) years, the total entitlement should not exceed the maximum entitlement of P7,980,000.00. Moreover, the applicant can scatter the 3-year budget to his/her program as long as it will not exceed the budget limit per year and the budget limit for the whole duration.

Also, the applicant must have a proof that his/her 4th year will be secured or funded by another institution if the total ERDT budget will only be used for three (3) years.

The budget of the scholar shall cover the following:

  1. Actual tuition and other school fees;
  2. Pre-travel allowance covering visa application, medical expenses, language proficiency examination fees, and local airfare, and accommodation for applicants coming from MSU-IIT and USC for their visa application when it is necessary to travel to Metro Manila;
  3. One round trip international economy airfare and travel tax for the whole duration of the scholarship;
  4. Book allowance up to P45,000.00 for the whole duration of the scholarship;
  5. Monthly stipend to cover living allowance such as accommodation, meals, transportation, toiletries, laundry, internet, and communication expenses);
  6. Travel and health insurance;
  7. Dissertation allowance up to P70,000.00;
  8. Research dissemination grant up to P150,000.00; and
  9. Relocation allowance (payment for temporary lodging, down payment for the boarding house, winter clothes). Appliances and furniture are not covered.

Release of Funds

The ERDT Program shall disburse the entitlements of the scholar based on the approved schedule of release of funds:

  1. Initial release:
    1. One-way international economy airfare;
    2. Pre-travel allowance;
    3. Relocation allowance;
    4. Two-month stipend/living allowance;
    5. Book allowance; and
    6. Health and travel insurance.
    7. Payment of actual tuition and other school fees shall be made directly by the ERDT office to the academic institution where the scholar is enrolled in through bank transfer upon receipt of billing invoice.
    8. The subsequent monthly stipend of the scholar shall be released to the scholar through issuance of check to be claimed at the cashier’s office of the home ERDT Consortium University. The remaining stipend and other allowances indicated in the approved line item budget will be released based on the approved schedule of release of funds.
    9. For Research Dissemination Grant, applicable guidelines of FRDG shall be applied for the release and use of funds.

The scholar shall execute a special power of attorney, if needed to authorize a trusted person (e.g., parent, spouse, relative) to claim the check. It is the responsibility of the scholar to ensure that the released allowances will be accessible to him/her while studying abroad. The scholar is suggested to open an international bank account.



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