RESPONSIBILITIES (Foreign PhD Scholarship)

The following are the duties and responsibilities of an ERDT PhD Foreign Scholar:

  1. The scholar must sign the Scholarship Agreement (Appendix R);
  2. The scholar must comply with all the scholarship policies stipulated in the Scholarship Agreement, in the scholarship handbook, and in policies issued or to be issued by DOST-SEI;
  3. Before leaving for the scholarship, the scholar must file and secure an official study leave with his/her home university and temporary travel clearance from DOST-SEI;
  4. The scholar shall not enroll in an academic program other than his/her program of study stipulated in the Scholarship Agreement;
  5. The scholar must not have any other scholarship that interferes with his/her contractual obligation or any other provisions in the Scholarship Agreement;
  6. The scholar must submit progress report of his/her academic performance every end of the term/semester of the academic year as noted by his/her foreign research adviser;
  7. The scholar must execute a special power of attorney and open an international bank account to ensure that the released allowances will be accessible to him/her while studying abroad;
  8. Upon completion of the program, the scholar must return immediately to the Philippines;
  9. Upon return to the Philippines, the scholar must submit to ERDT office soft and hard bound copies of his/her dissertation manuscript and travel and liquidation reports within fifteen (15) days; and
  10. Upon return to the Philippines, the scholar must return to ERDT office all items purchased using dissertation grant (e.g., laptop, printer, external hard drive, etc.).


[1] Starting January 2015, all ERDT scholars shall submit the following documents to the ERDT office before the deadlines.

[2] Application form can be requested at the ERDT Office

[3] refer to the guidelines on the realignment of the scholar’s line item budget

[4] refer to the guidelines on extension

[5] As per Program Advisory Council resolution dated 2014, the scholarship extension for one year can be decided by the ERDT Program leader and will not undergo Program Advisory Council resolution on deciding the extension of the scholarship. However, ERDT Program Leader shall inform DOST-SEI for the approval/disapproval of the request for extension of the scholarship period, for final decision of the secretary of the Department of Science and Technology. If approved, this serves as ammendment to the scholarshp period in the scholarship contract signed by the scholar and the university. 

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