SCHOLARSHIP POLICIES (Foreign PhD Scholarship)

Deferment of Scholarship

The successful applicant awarded with the ERDT PhD Foreign Scholarship may be allowed to defer his/her scholarship award for a maximum of one (1) semester only.

The successful applicant must accomplish the Scholarship Deferment Form.

If after the deferment period the applicant fails to accomplish the Scholarship Agreement, the scholarship award shall be forfeited.

Realignment of Line Item Budget and Request for Additional Funding

When changes in the LIB are needed due to unforeseen circumstances, the scholar may request for realignment or additional funding subject for evaluation. The request must not exceed the total maximum entitlement of P7,980,000.00 (or the maximum of P2,660,000.00 per year). Request for realignment must be accompanied with supporting documents.

The Project Leader shall endorse the request to the Program Leader. The latter shall endorse the request to DOST-SEI for final approval.

Leave of Absence

The scholar may be allowed to file for an official leave of absence (LOA) as per guidelines set by the host university. A scholar may be allowed to file for an LOA for a period not exceeding one semester/term (excluding summer). Except in highly meritorious cases, the scholar may file official LOA for more than one semester/term.

The leave must be highly justified, supported by pertinent documents, and properly endorsed by his/her host adviser and department/institute head of his/her home university.

During the period of LOA, the scholar is not entitled to any of the scholarship entitlements. It will be restored once the scholar returns to the graduate program from official LOA. For a scholar who has received scholarship entitlements during the term before he/she filed for an official LOA but went on approved LOA, released stipends and allowances will be deducted from his/her entitlements in the succeeding semester upon return from LOA.

The period of the official LOA is not counted in the scholarship period.

The scholar must inform the ERDT office of his/her plan for filing LOA, approval of LOA, and return to study program from LOA and submit supporting documents.


In highly exceptional and meritorious cases, the scholar may be granted extension with financial assistance for a maximum period of one (1) academic year. The financial assistance will only cover actual tuition and other school fees and stipend that is equivalent to his/her allowance during the most recent academic year.

No additional financial assistance shall be granted for semester/term exceeding one (1) academic year of extension.

The scholar must submit the following:

  1. Request letter justifying the extension as endorsed by the host adviser and department/institute head of his/her home university;
  2. Progress report including list of activities needed to finish the graduate degree (GANTT chart) as certified by the host adviser;
  3. Certification from the host adviser as to the expected date of thesis/dissertation defense and date of completion and graduation; and
  4. Latest Copy of Grades.

The request for extension shall be evaluated by the FSSC (or equivalent body) for recommendation to the Project Leader. The ERDT Project Leader shall endorse the request to the Program Leader. The latter shall endorse to DOST SEI the request for final approval.

Service in the Philippines

The scholar shall render return service immediately upon completion of his/her PhD degree to the department/institute of his/her home university, for a minimum period equivalent to twice the length of time that he/she enjoyed the scholarship including approved extension. Any service rendered before the completion of the graduate degree shall not be considered as part of the service obligation.


The ERDT Program reserves the right to terminate the scholarship of the scholar based on any of the following reasons: 1. Willful abandonment of the scholarship; 2. Non-completion of the degree within the duration of the scholarship including approved extensions; 3. Gross misconduct; 4. Conviction of any crime by a court or proper administrative body; and 5. Other reasons as determined by the host university, home university, and the ERDT Program.

Repayment Obligations

If the scholarship is terminated or the scholar fails to render the return service obligation, the scholar must repay all the privileges received plus 12% interest.



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