The Research Dissemination Grant (RDG) is provided to ERDT Local Graduate Scholar as a support when he/she is going to present and publish his/her research works to local and international conferences, fora, scientific meetings, and refereed journals.

Criteria of Eligibility

  • The status of the scholar must be on-going or with approved extension of period of study;
  • The RDG is available to scholar who is partially or fully done in his/her thesis/dissertation manuscript writing;
  • The scholar has preferably completed all of his/her academic courses prescribed in the program of study; A scholar who has availed the Sandwich Program is qualified to apply for this grant;
  • A scholar who graduated within scholarship contract or approved 1-year extension is also qualified to apply for the grant. The scholar must avail this grant within one year after graduation;
  • The scholar must be the sole author, first author or a presenting author of an accepted paper in a local or international conference, forum or scientific meeting;
  • The research paper must be part of the thesis/dissertation of the scholar. A paper that was already presented in a conference, forum, or scientific meeting cannot be granted with RDG;
  • The scholar shall avail the grant before the published date of conference, forum, or scientific meeting. The grant cannot be awarded to a scholar with a paper that was presented before the application of the grant.


The maximum RDG is P75,000.00 for master’s and P150,000.00 for doctorate. The actual amount of RDG released to the scholar shall be based on the line item budget submitted by the scholar. A scholar can present and/or publish different research papers in scientific gatherings more than once as long as the accumulated cost does not exceed the maximum allowable budget for a scholar.

Application Procedures and Required Documents

The eligible scholar who wishes to avail of the RDG must submit the following documents:

  1. Duly accomplished ERDT-RDG Application Form;
  2. Line Item Budget (LIB) showing the cost of participating in the conference including round trip airfare, visa application (if applicable), accommodation, conference registration, meals (other than meals provided in the conference and included in the registration fee), and related land or sea transportation.
  3. Acceptance letter from the conference, forum or scientific meeting committee; and
  4. Abstract of paper.

The RDG application shall be reviewed by the FSSC (or equivalent body) who shall recommend the approval or disapproval to the Project Leader for final decision.

Other Terms and Conditions

Excess funds released to the scholar must be returned to the ERDT Program.

Upon the approval of the RDG request, the scholar is required to apply for a Temporary Clearance from DOST-SEI if the conference is out of the country.

In case that the scholar is unable to present or publish his/her paper, he/she must return the funds to the ERDT Program. In addition, the scholar must explain in writing the reasons for not being able to comply with the terms of the research dissemination grant.


The scholar who availed the RDG shall submit a liquidation report within two weeks after the last day of the conference, forum or scientific meeting he/she has participated. The liquidation report shall include:

  1. Original receipts of the items as stated in the approved line item budget,
  2. Copy of official receipt of the excess fund (if applicable), and
  3. Certificate of attendance or participation



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