Research Grant

The Research Grant will help the scholar to ensure completion of his/her research on time. The Research Grant is given through his/her adviser to acquire laboratory equipment and for the maintenance, operation and other expenses needed in the research of an ERDT scholar.


Eligibility to Research Grant


This grant is for the scholars who are ready to do research in preparation for thesis or dissertation manuscript writing. The scholar must be an ERDT scholar who has completed all of his/her academic courses (except thesis/dissertation and seminars) prescribed in the program of study. Scholars on extension status are still qualified to apply for this grant. The scholar must have thesis/dissertation topic in line with the R&D thrust of the ERDT Program and that the scholar has successfully defended his/her thesis/dissertation proposal, as approved by the thesis/dissertation panel of examiners. Scholars classified as “for monitoring”, suspended or on leave of absence status are no longer eligible to apply.


Entitlements, Application Procedure and Required Documents


A successful applicant is entitled to Research Grant up to a maximum of P114,000.00 for a Master’s student and P228,000.00 for a Doctorate student.


The eligible scholar availing the Research Grant shall submit in writing the research grant application addressed to the ERDT Program Leader (equivalent body). Attached with the application letter are the following documents:

  • Approved thesis/dissertation proposal duly certified by his/her primary adviser and the chairman of his/her department. The approved thesis/dissertation proposal must include the research plan and schedule of research activities (GANTT Chart), leading to the completion of the program of study. In case of Master’s program where defense of the thesis proposal may not be required, a thesis proposal duly approved and endorsed by the faculty adviser must still be submitted to the ERDT office.
  • Line Item Budget (LIB) showing the cost of equipment, experiment expenses and other expenses related to research

Incomplete documents shall not be accepted and processed for evaluation by the ERDT Office.


The applicant must submit the letter to the ERDT office of the Consortium University together with the required documents. The application shall be evaluated based on merit by the Fellowship and Scholarship Screening Committee, FSSC, (or equivalent body), recommending the approval (or disapproval) of the application for the Research Grant to the Program Leader (or equivalent body) for final decision. The adviser of the scholar will be notified in writing of the approval/disapproval of his/her application by the Program Leader (or equivalent body).


Modes of Procurement, Release of Funds, Liquidation of Expenses Reports

Republic Act 9184 shall be the basis of all purchases or procurement of equipment and related items using the research grant (purchase for equipment, consumables, fieldwork, transportation, e.g., airfare, van rental etc.). The following serves as a the different modes of procurement used by the ERDT program.

  • Bidding
  • Alternative mode (e.g. Shopping)

Once the requested research grant is approved, the scholar is advised to coordinate immediately with the ERDT office for the purchase of the items in the Line Item Budget. When changes in the LIB is needed due to unforeseen circumstances, the scholar shall request in writing the budget realignment of his research grant whose approval is subject to the decision of the FSSC (or equivalent body).


Mentor's Fee


Another component of the research grant is the Mentor’s Fee. The Mentor’s fee is one way to show the appreciation of the ERDT Program to the guidance and teaching of the faculty  adviser. This is to be given to the scholar’s adviser (under a Contract of Service) upon completion of the thesis or dissertation of the scholar.


Matrix of the usual schedule of fund release for research grant, research dissemination grant and mentor’s fee.




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