APPLICATION PROCEDURE (Post-Doctoral Fellow Programs)

The ERDT Post-Doctoral Grant is for retooling and retraining of faculty members of the university of the ERDT Consortium to ensure that researches conducted and proposed under the ERDT program are current and relevant.


The ERDT Post-Doctoral Grant is for a minimum of two (2) months and a maximum period of twelve (12) months.



The applicant must meet the following:


  • Be an active faculty member with a doctoral degree in Engineering or Computer Science;
  • Must have a track record of research experience in Science and Technology;
  • Must have a research proposal aligned with the ERDT R&D Thrust;
  • Must have an acceptance from an internationally recognized academic institution and host research adviser; and
  • Must not have any concurrent funding for his/her research proposal.


The applicant must submit the following:

  1. Letter of application addressed to Project Leader;
  2. Accomplished ERDT-FD-PD Application Form (Appendix S);
  3. Acceptance letter from the host university and host professor;
  4. Endorsement letter from the home department/institute head;
  5. Curriculum Vitae;
  6. Abstract of the research proposal;
  7. Proposed Line Item Budget (LIB) that includes pre-travel expenses, living allowance, one roundtrip economy airfare, travel and health insurance, and other school fees required by the host university; and
  8. Explanation letter for applicant with existing research projects such as DOST-funded projects stating that his/her ERDT Post-Doctoral Grant will not interrupt his/her on-going research projects.


The application shall be evaluated based on merit by the FSSC (or equivalent body). The latter shall recommend the approval or disapproval of the application to the Project Leader. For initially approved application, the Project Leader shall endorse the application to the Program Leader. The Program Leader shall then endorse the application to DOST-SEI for further review and endorsement to the DOST Secretary for final approval.

If approved, the grantee must accomplish the ERDT Post-Doctoral Grant Agreement and Supplemental Agreement with his/her Co-maker.

In addition, the grantee must file and secure an official study leave with his/her home university and temporary travel clearance from DOST SEI.

Cancellation and Reapplication

In cases that the successful applicant wishes to cancel his/her approved ERDT PostDoctoral Grant for some reasons, the applicant shall request in writing the Project and Program Leader. The Program Leader shall endorse the request to DOST SEI for appropriate action.

If the request is approved, the ERDT Post-Doctoral Grant shall be cancelled and forfeited.

If the applicant wishes to re-avail the grant in the future, he/she shall apply again.



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