Entitlements and Guidelines (Postdoctoral)



Financial assistance shall cover one round trip economy airfare, pre-travel allowance, cost of living allowance, relocation allowance, travel and health insurance and other school fees required by the host university, depending on the area of the research institute or university but not exceeding a total of P1,500,000.00 for one year (12 months). If the postdoctoral program is for a period of less than 12 months, the budget for the living allowance shall be pro-rated and based on the published rates in the area where the research is to be conducted.


Upon compliance and submission of the required documents, ERDT Office in coordination with DOST SEI shall process the financial assistance of the Postdoctoral Research Fellow based on the current buying rate of the US dollar or the currency of his/her place of research. The ERDT Office shall acknowledge receipt of the funds from DOST SEI and issue Official Receipt corresponding to the amount indicated in the check.


The ERDT office, in coordination with DOST SEI, shall release the financial assistance to the Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Philippine Peso (or equivalent currency wire transferred to the grantee bank account), with the following provisions:


The initial release to the Research Fellow shall not exceed 35% of the total financial assistance. Included in the initial release are pre travel allowance, roundtrip economy airfare for the entire duration of the postdoctoral program, relocation allowance, two-month living allowance, school fees (if applicable) and health insurance. Pre-travel allowance and airfares are subject to liquidation by the Research Fellow.


The succeeding release to the grantee’s bank account shall immediately follow:            


       - the next four month living allowance


       - the living allowance for the remaining months of the postdoctoral research period


The ERDT office, in coordination with DOST SEI, shall keep track of the research activities and record the financial releases to the Research Fellow. The ERDT office shall submit to DOST-SEI the audited financial report and one-page research abstract of the Postdoctoral Research Fellow upon successful completion of the postdoctoral research program.




The Postdoctoral Research Fellow shall execute a Contract of Agreement and other documents including a supplemental agreement with his/her Co-maker. The Postdoctoral Research Fellow shall not enjoy simultaneously with this grant any other research grant that interferes with his/her contractual obligation.


The Postdoctoral Research Fellow shall conduct research in accordance with the identified key research areas in science and technology, as stated in the submitted and approved documents during application. The Postdoctoral Research Fellow shall conduct himself/herself in a manner that will not bring disgrace or dishonor to the Philippines, University of the Philippines and ERDT.


The Research Fellow shall return immediately to the Philippines and report within 30 days to the concerned university upon completion of his/her postdoctoral research program. The Postdoctoral Research Fellow shall submit a written report to the ERDT Office his/her research activities at the end of the grant duly noted by his/her research adviser. The ERDT Office will forward the report to the DOST SEI. The Postdoctoral Research Fellow shall submit two (2) copies of his/her research manuscript, i.e., one hard copy and one soft copy. The Postdoctoral Research Fellow shall acknowledge DOST in all reports and publications that may be released in connection with his/her research. The Postdoctoral Research Fellow shall submit the required travel and liquidation report on the financial assistance provided him/her.


The Postdoctoral Research Fellow shall render service obligation to the sending institution as follows: two (2) years for every year or a fraction thereof but not less than 6 months; and one year for every 6 months and a fraction thereof.




The ERDT Program reserves the right to terminate the postdoctoral grant depending on the severity of any of the following reasons:


• Gross misconduct;
• Conviction of any crime by a court or proper administrative body; and
• Other reasons as determined by the ERDT Program.


If the grant is terminated, ERDT Program shall immediately stop the release of any entitlements to the grantee. In case of termination of the grant, the Postdoctoral Research Fellow shall reimburse the total financial assistance received for the duration of the postdoctoral research program with 12% interest, except due to incapacity or death.


In the event that the Research Fellow is unable to serve the required service obligation, he/she shall be required to pay the equivalent of the remaining unserved service obligation with 12% interest per annum computed from the start of breach of contract i.e., if he/she has served at least 75% of the required service; otherwise, he/she shall refund the total financial assistance received with 12% interest per annum computed from the start of the breach of contract.




The postdoctoral research grant must secure appropriate travel authority from DOST(whenever applicable) and travel authority from the university.


The postdoctoral research grant must accomplish a Deed of Undertaking before leaving for the Postdoctoral grant.


The postdoctoral research grant shall make sure that university rules and policies on leave must be observed. This may require filing an application for an official leave of absence from the University.




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