RESPONSIBILITIES (Post-Doctoral Grant)

The following are the duties and responsibilities of an ERDT Post-Doctoral Grantee:

  1. The grantee must accomplish the ERDT Post-Doctoral Grant Agreement and Supplemental Agreement with his/her Co-maker;
  2. The grantee must comply with all the scholarship policies stipulated in the ERDT Post-Doctoral Grant Agreement, in this scholarship handbook, and in policies issued or to be issued by DOST-SEI;
  3. Before leaving for the program, the grantee must file and secure a temporary travel clearance from DOST-SEI to be endorsed by ERDT;
  4. The grantee shall conduct himself/herself in a manner that will not bring disgrace or dishonor to the ERDT, host and home universities, and to the country;
  5. The grantee must execute a special power of attorney and open an international bank account to ensure that the released allowances will be accessible to him/her while studying abroad;
  6. Upon successful completion of the grant, the grantee shall return immediately to the Philippines;
  7. Upon return to the Philippines, the grantee shall submit accomplishment and liquidation reports to the ERDT within fifteen (15) days; and
  8. The scholar must not have any other grant program that interferes with his/her contractual obligation or any other provisions in the ERDT Post-Doctoral Grant Agreement.



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