The ERDT Sandwich Program is designed to enable ERDT Local Graduate Scholars to conduct research abroad in areas that have yet to be developed in the consortium member university or in fields of studies where research facilities are not available or inadequate in the country. This will also help the scholar ensure completion of his/her research on time.


The ERDT Sandwich Program is for a minimum period of three (3) months and a maximum period of twelve (12) months.

Criteria of Eligibility

The scholar must:

  1. have completed all academic courses prescribed in his/her program of study. In case that the applicant has not yet completed all his/her coursework and scholarship requirements (e.g., seminars, technology entrepreneurship, etc.), the applicant must show that the remaining courses can still be taken upon return from the Sandwich Program;
  2. have a detailed research proposal as approved by the adviser or thesis/dissertation panel of examiners, whichever is required by the program of study. The approved research proposal must be in line with the R&D thrust of the ERDT Program and that the scholar must have successfully defended his/her research proposal; and
  3. be within the scholarship period upon application and must have at least two (2) months remaining in the scholarship period upon return to the home university for thesis/dissertation manuscript writing and final oral defense of his/her thesis/dissertation.

In addition, any application to ERDT Sandwich Program must satisfy all of the following:

  • The thesis/dissertation topic cannot be conducted locally;
  • The thesis/dissertation topic has no available expertise locally;
  • The needed facilities and equipment for the conduct of the research for the thesis/dissertation topic are not available locally; and
  • That use of research facilities in the host university is free of charge and needed equipment are already available in the host university. There should be a certification from host professor that the use of research facilities and equipment and trainings for the proper use of facilities and equipment are free of charge or with minimal fee. If there is a minimal fee, a justification from the host professor must be submitted. Minimal Fee should not exceed P114,000.00 for master’s and P253,000.00 for doctorate covering only consumables, rentals, professional services.

Application Procedures and Required Documents

The scholar must submit the following:

  1. Letter of application addressed to the ERDT Project Leader with the endorsement from the adviser and the department chair;
  2. Accomplished ERDT-SP Application Form;
  3. Approved thesis/dissertation proposal duly certified by his/her primary adviser and the chairman of his/her department;
  4. GANTT Chart or detailed research plan and schedule of research activities while the scholar is in the host university or research institution abroad;
  5. Acceptance letter from the host professor or researcher in the university abroad where the scholar intends to conduct research;
  6. Line Item Budget or budgetary requirement;
  7. Certification from host professor that the use of research facilities and equipment and trainings for the proper use of facilities and equipment are free of charge or with minimal fee;
  8. Certification from the graduate school office showing the cumulative weighted average for all courses taken by the scholar;
  9. Copy of candidacy examination or dissertation proposal defense results (for doctorate and master’s scholars whose programs require thesis/dissertation proposal defense);
  10. Certification from the adviser that the thesis/dissertation research is aligned with the ERDT R&D thrust; and
  11. Certification from the adviser that there is no duplication of the research to be conducted, that facilities and equipment are not available in the Philippines, and that there is no available expert in the country for the research topic.

The application for Sandwich Program which passed the evaluation of the FSSC (or equivalent body) will be endorsed by the Program Leader to the Director of DOST SEI for final decision. Once DOST SEI has decided on the application, the scholar will be notified in writing.

If application is approved, the awarded scholar must enter into Supplementary Agreement.

Due to long process of acquiring approval, release of funding, and processing of visa application, scholars are highly advised to apply for the program at least two months prior to the target departure of the applicant.


Processing of Application for ERDT Sandwich Program




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