ENTITLEMENTS (Sandwich Program)

The ERDT Sandwich Program provides a maximum of P1,200,000.00 research support that covers the following:

  • One round trip economy airfare and travel tax
  • Pre-travel expenses (visa application, medical expenses, language proficiency examination fees, and local airfare, and accommodation for scholars coming from MSU-IIT and USC for their visa application when it is necessary to travel to Metro Manila)
  • Relocation allowance (payment for temporary lodging, down payment for the boarding house, winter clothes). Appliances and furniture are not covered
  • Cost of living allowance (accommodation, meals, transportation, toiletries, laundry, internet, and communication expenses)
  • Travel and health insurance
  • Other school fees required by the host university.

The monthly stipend, book allowance, and transportation allowance under the ERDT Local Graduate Scholarship cannot be availed during the period that the scholar is under the Sandwich Program.

As for the grants, only the research dissemination grant and outright thesis/dissertation grant can be availed by the scholar while under or after the Sandwich Program. Research Grant can no longer be availed by the scholar awarded with the Sandwich Program.

In case that the research grant has been previously availed before applying for the Sandwich Program, the scholar shall submit a justification letter endorsed by the adviser and the unit/department/institute together with other required documents. The scholar must show data and analysis acquired using the research grant in relation to his/her thesis/dissertation, and that the data are necessary to proceed in the conduct of research while in the university abroad.

Release of Entitlements

Upon signing of the Supplemental Agreement, the ERDT office of the Consortium University shall process the release of funding before the scholar leaves the country.

The approved line item budget covering roundtrip airfare, travel and health insurance, pre-travel expenses, and two (2) months stipend shall be released as part of the initial release of entitlements.

The remaining allowances and other living expenses indicated in the approved line item budget will be released based on the approved schedule of release of funds.

The scholar shall coordinate with the ERDT office and other concerned Consortium University offices such as Cashier’s office for the modes of processing and releases of funds including the need for authorized representative and other possible requirements needed by the Consortium University.

Progress Report

A final report must be submitted to the ERDT office by the scholar two weeks upon his/her return to his/her home university.

Service in the Philippines

The scholar who availed the Sandwich Program shall render additional one (1) year of service obligation on top of his/her service obligation to the ERDT Local Graduate Scholarship.

One-year service for a 6-month Sandwich Program or a part thereof.

Termination and Repayment

The ERDT reserves the right to terminate the Local Graduate Scholarship Agreement and the Sandwich Program Amendatory Agreement based on any of the following causes:

  • Willful abandonment of the Sandwich Program;
  • Gross misconduct; or
  • Non-completion of the degree within the specified duration of scholarship.

Termination is ground for refund of the total financial assistance received plus 12% interest.

Other Terms and Conditions

The scholar awarded with the Sandwich Program must:

  • be enrolled under residency in his/her home university during the duration of the Sandwich Program;
  • secure Temporary Travel Clearance; and
  • not avail of other programs of similar nature funded by the Philippine government during the Sandwich Program.


The scholar must liquidate all funds released under the Sandwich Program not later than two (2) weeks upon his/her return to his/her home university. The scholar must submit the following:

  1. One-page accomplishment report including photos while conducting research noted by the local research adviser; and
  2. Summary of expenses with attached official receipts of the following:

2.1  Pre-travel expenses (To be settled before departure);

2.2  Transportation (Boarding passes, airfare e-ticket, train, taxi, and buses);

2.3  Accommodation;

2.4  Travel and health expenses; and

2.5  Other research expenses (If applicable).



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