1. Deferment of Scholarship

A scholar may be allowed deferment of the scholarship award for a period of one semester only. If he/she fails to enroll after the deferment period, his/her scholarship slot will be automatically forfeited. He/she may re-apply to the scholarship program.
The successful applicant must submit the accomplished Scholarship Deferment Form on or before the last day of enrollment.
2. Early Graduate Incentive
A scholar who graduates in his/her program earlier than the prescribed/approved period of study (stipulated in the Scholarship Agreement) shall receive the lump sum of unreleased stipends for the remaining period of his/her scholarship.
Moreover, the scholar shall be required to render service obligation for only the period that he/she enjoyed full financial benefits.
3. Availment of Other Scholarship
An ERDT Local Graduate Scholar may avail other scholarship award for the supplementary financial assistance only from private entities provided that its terms and conditions do not interfere with his/her contractual obligation under the ERDT Local Graduate Scholarship Agreement.
4. Availment of Foreign Fellowship, Internship and Exchange Programs Related to Approved Research Program

An ERDT Local Graduate Scholar who wishes to conduct research for his/her thesis/dissertation in an academic institution outside the Philippines through the exchange programs entered into between the ERDT Consortium University where he/she is enrolled in and the other academic institution must seek the approval of the ERDT Project Leader.
The scholar must justify that the proposed exchange program is related to his/her thesis/dissertation and that it will help him/her finish his/her research work. If approved, the scholar must request for the issuance of temporary clearance from the DOST-SEI through the ERDT. The tuition fee, stipend, book allowance, research dissemination grant, and thesis/dissertation grant shall be released during the time that the scholar is attending the research program abroad.
After the exchange program, the scholar must immediately return to his/her home university and submit an accomplishment report.



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