Infrastracture Development

The third pillar of the ERDT program is infrastructure development. This will house state of the art laboratory equipment in support of the R&D thrust of the ERDT Program.

The ERDT Infrastructure Program includes the construction of six new buildings and the renovation of the existing facilities in the College of Engineering at Melchor Hall.  These include the following:

New Buildings

1.  Metallurgical, Mining and Materials Engineering Department (MMME) Buildings. 

2.  Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Department  Building (IE-ME)

3.  Institute of Civil Engineering (ICE) Academic and Laboratory Buildings

4.  Electrical and Electronics Engineering Institute (EEEI)  Building.

5.  Chemical Engineering (ChE)  Building

6. Energy and Environmental Engineering Programs


Renovation Works in Melchor Hall

1.  Geodetic Engineering Department at the east wing of  Melchor Hall

2.  Engineering Science Department and classrooms at the 5th Floor of Melchor Hall


                                         The status of the infrastructure projects is shown in Table

Figures show the architectural perspectives and photos of the different infrastructure projects of ERDT.

Figure 1     Mining, Metallurgical and Materials Engineering Building 




Figure 2     Electrical and Electronics Engineering Power Laboratory Building




Figure 3    Institute of Civil Engineering Building 




Figure 4     Industrial Engineering – Mechanical Engineering Building




Figure 5   Energy and Environmental Engineering Building 



Figure 6   Chemical Engineering Building


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